Verizon Confirmations on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Today.

The official Verizon announcement on the Galaxy Note Edge is finally here, and consumers will be lining up to get their hands on the next best thing. With the Note Edge hitting stores weeks ago from most of the top cell carriers, the largest carrier finally confirmed their release date. Finally, the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release is here for online sales as consumers can finally purchase the hottest smartphone on the market.

We have been patiently awaiting the official Verizon announcement on the Galaxy Note Edge, and today it has finally come. Available for immediate purchase on the Verizon website, users can now purchase the phone today and have it by tomorrow. With free overnight shipping, the time to purchase the unique Samsung smartphone will be one of the hottest ticket items in early 2015 as it’s expected to sell out very soon.

Held up for about a month with delays, the Verizon release marks the largest US carrier to feature the launch. There’s still minimal information on a possible TMobile release, but Verizon customers finally have what they’ve been waiting to see.

The official announcement also showed is the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge price, and it seems like the wait was well worth it. Costing almost $200 less than the other top carriers including Sprint and AT&T, Verizon customers can purchase the phone for under $800. Contract prices through Verizon is $399 which is what we’ve been speculating for months now.

Customers can also purchase the Note Edge through the Verizon Edge program where it allows for zero money down monthly payment options. For just over $33 per month, customers can purchase the phone today for no money down and only have to pay the installment monthly payment. Retails stores at a local Verizon dealer is expected to start tomorrow, but no Verizon confirmation on this as of yet.

To guarantee getting your hands on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, you can access the exclusive Verizon link below.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Sales through Verizon