The New Technology to Stir Up the Mix: Introducing USB 3.1 in Samsung Note 5.

In this day and age of digitalization, smart phones do play a significant role in our everyday life. There is the emergence of new players coming up every single day with newer technologies. This competitive market offers a lot of all consumers at times so they are spoilt by choice.

The two main players that dominate the Smartphone markets are Samsung and Apple with their state of the art smartphones clubbed with cutting edge technologies. Samsung has influenced the smartphone market with the Google’s Android operating system. The South Korean electronics giant has been aggressive with and their offerings both within terms of pricing as well as innovation.

The Samsung Note has been one of the premium offerings by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Note since its inception has been a runaway success for the company and introduces a segment of premium smartphones with features of a tablet. Many of them call it Phablet. Samsung galaxy Note 4 which is currently doing pretty well in the market has been a big revenue earner for the company. The latest offering from the stable of Samsung would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This would be a pretty powerful smartphone with never seen before features.

samsung usb port

There are a lot of speculations going around Samsung Note 5, the fact of the matter being that this beast would be powered by EXYNOS 7422 chipset which is the modified version of the currently used 7420 chip in Samsung Galaxy S6.This feature packedР’В  phabletР’В  would have a screen resolution of 5.89 inches for a bigger and brighter display. The battery has been stated to be upgraded from the present 3220 mAh to 4100 mAh. The S pen stylus has also been upgraded from the earlier Note versions. All this within the thickness of 7.9 mm a significant 0.6 mm thinner than its predecessor!

Data transfer has always been a talking point for all smartphones in this segment and this has been addressed in Samsung Note 5 in a great way. The state of the art USB 3.1 or the C type is set to be introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This is set to re-define data transfer speeds which are pegged to be around 10 GBPS. This would be one of the very few smartphones that would be equipped with USB 3.1. The C-type or the USB 3.1 will have a special connector for data transfer which will be different from that of USB ports that are presently in use.

Unlike the USB ports that had a universal port for all devices, USB 3.1 or the C port will be much smaller and would be one of its kinds. There would be the requirement of an adapter to make it compatible to all other downgraded USB devices. These are just a very few features that are out in the open. There would be a lot more features that would be packed in. So for all smartphone lovers it is the time to wait and watch.