The New and Improved Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Concept.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has helped defined the future of smartphones as the all-inclusive tablet, computer, date processor, internet browser, TV, and phone has invented the idea of the Phablet. As we look towards the future, the Galaxy Note 5 is already starting to make waves as the numerous rumors are already creating a huge disturbance of things to come.

The new Galaxy Note 5 concept looks to continue what Samsung started with the 1st Phablet and continue to lead the way with innovative smartphone technology. Everything that we have been seeing so far including a new processor, new sensors, more memory options, and unique display features. Below, we have broken down what is to be expected with the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept.

Galaxy Note 5 Concept – Bendable Display

Probably the most unique Galaxy Note 5 concept feature is that of a bendable display. While the idea to have side viewing angles and also being able to bend the phone up to 90 degrees will bode well for many consumers, it may not for others. The bendable display feature will truly bring something unique to the Note 5, especially if Samsung is able to perfect the technology unlike LG.

For more on the bendable display of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept, be sure to check out this latest preview between the Note 5 and the LG G Flex 2.

Galaxy Note 5 Concept – Expandable Memory

For all you data, MP3, movie, video game lovers, having an expandable memory option in the upcoming note may be one of the best concept features. While the Note 5 is already expecting to come standard with 16, 32, and 64 MB options, an expandable option to 128 MB using an SD card is a realistic possibility.

Galaxy Note 5 Concept – Fingerprint Scanner and Eye Scanning Technology

Both a fingerprint scanner and eye scanning technology is definitely a possibility in the upcoming Note release. Samsung has already filed the patents which would could make both a reality as soon as 2015, and just in time for the expected September – October Galaxy Note 5 release. Both the fingerprint scanner and eye scanner would have a significant impact to the phone’s security.

Galaxy Note 5 Concept – 64 Bit Exynos Processor

Concept photos including the 64 Bit Exynos Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 processor are starting to become more prevalent. The 2.9 ghz Octa core processor would be one of the best on the market, and would help the Note 5 become one of the fastest phones on the market. Users would see a big difference in battery consumption, download speeds, and simultaneous application and processing capabilities.

Galaxy Note 5 Concept – 23 MP Camera

It has been rumored for quite some time that Samsung has something big planned for both the rear and front facing camera. Probably the most intriguing Galaxy Note 5 concept rumors is a 21 – 23 MP rear-facing camera. This would be huge in comparison to other Phablet’s such as the upcoming LG G Flex 2 and the latest iPhone Plus, as this would surely compete with any smartphone camera.

New Concept Brings Huge Sales Expectations for the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The new concept is already creating some huge expectations for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 sales projections. The launch date of the current Note has already set records for sales, and the upcoming Note 5 is expected to shatter that. Pre-sales are expected to start by the end of February 2015 as this will be the best chance of getting one on the day of release.