The Latest Specs for the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung looks to further impress us with some of the most innovative features in any smartphone as the specs for the upcoming Galaxy Note and Galaxy Edge are already looking impressive. With the newest addition of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 5, this alone will create quite a frenzy in the competition for the best smartphone of 2015.

There is much speculation on the Galaxy Note 5 specs that is truly peeking out curiosity, and leaves us wanting more. Since the Phablet became a reality four years ago, the Note series has truly changed the way we all view smartphones. When first introduced most people seemed to look the other way, but as we look to the Note 5 it seems like more companies are starting to emulate the specifications of the Galaxy Note series.

Below, we breakdown The Latest Specs for the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in detail.

3400 – 4900 mAh Battery

While the Note 4 battery is much improved with 3200 mAh, it is rumored that the Galaxy Note 5 battery will be even better. Expected to be at least 3400 mAh and probably closer to a robust 3900 mAh, the battery of the Note 5 will be one of the best in 2015.

This will mean a huge difference that can be seen with users as it will common to go two days in between charges. Also, the rapid charging feature that Samsung looks to bring into all upcoming releases will allow the battery to be charged from 0% – 50% within 30 seconds.

Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 Octa-Core Processor

One thing that Samsung continually does with each upcoming release is significantly improving on the specs of the one before. The same will hold true with the processor as the Galaxy Note 5 processor is expected to be running a Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 Octa-core processor at 2.9 ghz.

This will be a significant improvement over the processor for the Galaxy Note 4 which is currently running at Snapdragon Qualcomm 805 Quad-core processor at 2.7 ghz. The improved processing power will make a huge difference with increased download speeds, less memory usage for processes, and have a tremendous effect on simultaneous process running at the same time.

6″ Screen Size with Super Amoled Display

That’s right, the Galaxy Note 5 has been rumored at a huge 6″ screen size. This makes the most sense as smartphones are looking to get bigger and better and the Super Amoled display with at least 600 ppi will sure make it better. The 2K – 4K resolution will make for ultra HD screen resolution which will prove to be one of the best looking displays in 2015.

Fingerprint Scanner and Eye Scanner Technology

We are almost certain that the Galaxy Note 5 specs will consist of a fingerprint scanner just like the Note 4, but we are also hearing about the possibility of an eye scanner as well. Both would be huge with the security of the Note 5, and would be two welcome additions that consumers have been asking for. The on-screen sensors would allow for unlocking and locking the phone more personal, and impossible for others to gain access to the phone itself.

16, 32, and 64 GB Internal Memory with Expandable Options

It truly is all about the memory, especially when looking at the dependence that all of us have on our smartphones. The specs of the Galaxy Note 5 are expected to come with more internal memory options than that of the Note 4 which only featured 16 and 32 GB of internal memory. The Note 5 is believed to have internal options of 16, 32, and 64 GB and will be expandable to 128 with an integrated micro SD card slot.

More Rumors on the Galaxy Note 5

While the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept is almost certain, it has yet to be made official. With the release date expected to be late September 2015 – early October, it is expected to be launched alongside the premium Galaxy Note Edge 2.

Both the Note 5 and Edge 2 will feature some amazing specs, the premium version will give users yet another amazing option. The price of both is expected to stay the same as the current models as the price of the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to peak at $900 and the Edge could top $1000 on launch day.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Galaxy Note 5 specs including rumors, features, and release date info.