Sprint Offering Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Christmas Discounts.

The time is now to get your hands on either a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone 6 as Sprint is having the best holiday discounts in 2014. If you are looking for the perfect gift or are looking to upgrade to the top Android smartphone or the current hottest iPhone, then there is no better time than the present time.

The holiday Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 discounts through Sprint is being reserved for what Sprint says are “loyal” customers. Sprint loyal customers will receive an email with the special 2014 holiday offering as the savings is over 75% off the current market price.

The discounts on the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 is for zero money down, and a monthly payment of only $5. This is a huge savings off each as the current price and the price found at other cell retailers is over $20/month for comparable zero monthly down payment plans. Sprint’s payment plan is for a period of 24 months on the new Sprint Loyalty Program.

The S5 and iPhone 6 discounts are good for any new line of service or renewal contract, and all will get unlimited talk, text, and data. Sprint is also offering 20% off discounts on many cell phone accessories such as compatible phone cases, chargers, and screen protectors.

The third largest cell phone carrier is looking to retain many customers that they have been losing in recent years as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have increased their overall customer base. The new loyalty program also offers loyal Sprint customers the option for early upgrades of one year, instead of typical every two year upgrade.