Speculation that the Galaxy Note 5 will be Bigger and Faster than the Note 4.

With weeks to go until we see the Note 4, there is many Galaxy Note 5 rumors that are already depicting a far more superior smartphone that will be bigger and better than the most recent release. Many things that seem to drive Samsung with each new release are starting to take shape as some of the most important facets such as the screen, camera, and processor are already expecting huge advancements over the Note 4. While we look forward to the release of the newest Phablet just weeks away, we are already starting to breakdown the many reasons why the Galaxy Note 5 will be much better than the 4.

Breaking Down the Numerous Galaxy Note 5 Rumors

Customary of what we do best, we continue to break down the numerous Galaxy Note 5 rumors that are already starting to make sense. Ideas of a bigger screen, faster processor, more powerful camera, and many other Note 5 specs are already being rumored for the September – October 2015 release. While most of the following have yet to be confirmed, most of them would seem evident when looking at the previous trends of Samsung.

Galaxy Note 5 Screen to be 5.9″ – 6″

The Note 4 is already one of the most impressive looking smartphones for 2014 as the much bigger screen has become a popular choice for personal and business users alike. The multimedia purposes behind the bigger screen takes multitasking and word processing to a whole new level, and as Apple looks to get into the bigger smartphone industry with the release of the iPhone 6, it only makes sense that Samsung will enhance the Galaxy Note 5 screen.

One of the most intriguing Galaxy Note 5 rumors is the increase in screen size; up from 5.7″ to either 5.9″ or even 6″. While 2-3″ may not seem like much at all, it will make a tremendous difference with the viewing angles and larger screen size. The screen of the Galaxy Note 5 is also rumored to come with a Super Amoled 4K screen which will further enhance the visual aspects of the upcoming Phablet.

Galaxy Note 5 Camera to be 20-21 Megapixels

There is no denying the importance of any front facing smartphone camera, and the belief that Samsung will bring out one of the most defined in the Galaxy Note 5 only makes sense. While the Note 4 will be one of the best on the market by today’s standard with an 18 MP front-facing camera, the Galaxy Note 5 camera is believed to be either 20 or 21 megapixels.

This will integrate seamlessly with the many Samsung specific apps that will further enhance the photo quality capabilities of the Note 5 camera as the visual quality will prove to be one of the best in any smartphone. The stabilization and low-level light sensors will also be huge aspects as video recordings and still photo shots will rival that of any standalone high quality digital camera.

Galaxy Note 5 Camera to Boast Exynos 7 Octa core 2.9 Ghz Processor

The Exynos Octa core 64 Bit processor will be one of the fastest and most efficient smartphone processors on the market in 2015. The enhanced speed of the processor itself will make data processing and multitasking capabilities a thing of the past as there will literally be no worries with the Galaxy Note 5 processor.

Coupled with a 3200 mAh battery that will mean more battery life and less of a drain on the battery itself while also integrating with true wireless charging technology. The wireless charging aspects will allow users to wirelessly charge the Note 5 from afar while only taking about 30 minutes to do so. The efficiency of the battery will mean more hours for surfing, talk time, and all other aspects why you will be using your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy Note 5 Release will bring Life to the Many Rumors that are Taking Shape

While the Galaxy Note 5 release is still a ways away, the speculation that is already beginning to take shape is depicting a far superior smartphone of what we have seen to date. From the processor to the camera, it would seem as though Samsung has much in store for us upon the release which is expected to be by the end of September 2015 to the first week in October 2015. While much of this is mere speculation, the many Galaxy Note 5 rumors that are becoming more evident truly makes the most sense.