Samsung to Debut New Graphics Chip, Set to Debut in the Upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

As Samsung looks to continue to create much of their own hardware, the latest Galaxy Note 5 rumors surround the new graphics chip that will soon come standard in all Samsung flagship smartphones. The new chip is expected to create a better user experience while watching movies, browsing the net, and even have an effect on video recording.

Samsung has already introduced their own Exynos processor chipset that has been featured in previous flagship releases, and the new graphics processor may run side by side. As of this time, there’s minimal information on the graphic chip itself, but the latest rumors suggest that it could be ready for production by the summer of 2015.

This would set up the possibility of seeing it for the first time in the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, although we are uncertain if it will make it to all markets. Samsung typically uses outside vendors for their smartphone hardware here in the US such as the Snapdragon Qualcomm that was featured in the Galaxy Note 4. If the new chip is featured first in the Note 5, this would signify it would also be featured in the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge 2 in late 2015, and the early 2016 release of the Galaxy S7.

Aside from the rumors on the new graphics chip, the Galaxy Note 5 specs are expected to feature an octa-core 2.9 ghz Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 or 810 processor, 4K 5.9” display, 4 or 5 GB RAM, and a 23 MP front facing camera. We are hopeful of seeing the Note 5 release by late September 2015 to early October 2015.