Samsung Shifts Its Focus to Flagship Smartphones in 2015.

Some new information out of Samsung HQ that helps clear the air as there have been numerous conflicting rumors on some of the upcoming releases for 2015. As it is already believed that there will be at least four flagship Samsung smartphones released in 2015, the latest bit helps clarify just what, and what we will not see.

As the shift of focus certainly looks as though the intentions in 2015 for Samsung is solely on flagship smartphones. As some of the latest Samsung rumors suggests, there will be a 30% reduction on the manufacturing of low to mid-level smartphones over the course of 2015.

The shift in focus centers on the overall decline in sales in 2014 as the flagship Galaxy S5 was more than 40% under the projected sales throughout the course of the year. This has helped Samsung to yield a 60% decrease in profit, in the third quarter 2014 alone, which is quite obviously something they would like to improve on.

This will actually be great news for consumer who are looking forward to the upcoming Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Edge 2, and possibly a Galaxy S6 Edge. The newest rumors suggest that Samsung will be releasing an Edge variant of the S6 due to the increased popularly of the original Galaxy Note Edge.

The Galaxy S6 Edge will resemble much of the Galaxy Note Edge which was released just recently, but will be a slightly smaller variant. The curved edge will add some much needed appeal to the Galaxy S series, and one that Samsung believes will be an instant success.

The official announcement will either confirm or deny the Galaxy S6 Edge rumors should take place at the Mobile World Congress Event during the first week in March. The annual event should also give us a better idea of other rumored 2015 Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge 2.