Samsung Rumors of Galaxy S6 Edge Variant.

Hot of the success of the recently released Galaxy Note Edge, we are hearing some new Samsung Galaxy rumors of an Edge concept in the upcoming Galaxy S6. The latest rumors make a ton of sense, especially when considering the dwindling sales that the Galaxy S series has had in the most recent release. As Samsung looks to increase their numbers, adding another unique element to one of the top selling smartphones brands of all-time would only be fitting.

We have been hearing these Galaxy S6 rumors for only the past few days, but based on the merit of where they are coming from makes us believe that they just may be true. The Galaxy Note Edge concept was initially going to be a limited market release, but based on the huge success in some markets as in Korea, China, and Japan, we believe that it will be released more widespread.

A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be intriguing and not likely to replace the S series all-together. We can see two different variants of the S6 being released right around the same time with the Edge costing slightly more. Minimal information has surfaced on the latest Samsung Galaxy S rumors, but we will continue to bring more in as we get them.

Hopefully, if the Edge concept makes it to the Galaxy S6 release, they will be able to fix the awkward left-handed feel. The Edge display has been popular for most, but those who are left-handed have stated that the phone itself feels really out of place while holding it with one hand.