Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date to Come 1st Week March 2015.

With the time quickly approaching on what seems to be the release date of the next installment from the best-selling Samsung smartphone brand, we are hearing more on the inevitable Galaxy S6. We have been speculating for months now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is likely to debut at the MWC event in Barcelona in March 2015 and every indication says the same.

With Samsung looking to introduce us to another beast of a smartphone, we are hearing more leaks on the upcoming concept. With many changes in store for us with the Samsung Galaxy S6 specs and features, consumers are already starting to take notice. As the latest installment Galaxy S5 was less than stellar, big things need to happen with the upcoming release if Samsung looks to regain superiority.

Hoping to improve on the dismal sales of the S5, it looks like the S6 will live up to the hype. Initial rumors has the Galaxy S6 release date debuting with a 2K display, but now we are hearing more and more about the possibility it will feature a 4 times HD display. A 4K display would be made possible with an octa-core processor, and the recent Samsung rumors suggest the same. The first glimpse into the S6 concept came at the CES event in Las Vegas, but the teaserР’В was just enough to have us wanting more.

New rumors support octa-core technology in all upcoming Samsung flagship smartphones, but we’re unsure if it will be featured in the Galaxy S6 or debut in the Galaxy Note 5. Recent projections suggest we will not see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit octa-processor until the Note 5 which is suggestive that it will not be ready by the March 2015 Galaxy S6 release date.

We are hoping and expecting to get the official announcement at this year’s Mobile World Congress event which would set up a release date in the first week in March 2015.