Samsung Galaxy Note 5 To Debut in Two Launch Day Colors.

On the launch day of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we have been hearing reports of the color options that will be available. The two primary colors of the previous versions of the Phablet have been black and white. While many people have been hoping to see at least one more color option for the specs of the Galaxy Note 5 it is highly unlikely at this time.

The Samsung Galax Note 5 colors that have been rumored to be available on launch day are once again believed to be black and white. While a third color has also been rumored, it is more likely to be added on months after the initial release.

With many premium smartphone releases, the trend has been to keep the colors and simple, and this is exactly what we’re expecting to see in the Galaxy Note 5 colors. A titanium silver is also believed to be a later addition, but probably will be at least two months after the initial release.

Updated Presales and Release Date

Both Samsung Galaxy Note 6 presales and the official release date are expected to start in September 2015. With presales starting in the beginning of the month and the release coming by the end consumers will have to tend with the increasing popularity of the Note series.

As presales and the overall sales already anticipated to be one of the best from Samsung, getting your presale order in as soon as possible will be the best way to guarantee the phone on opening day. With the official announcement yet to be made by Samsung, the leaks out of Korea are already starting to mount.

Updated Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs

Samsung is expected to keep the same size screen, as the Phablet will once again grace us with an amazing Super Amoled 5.7″ screen. Comparable to the Note 5, the Galaxy Note 5 screen specs are expected to have a screen display of at least 2K, and possibly up to 4K.

Other Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs are 23 MP rear camera, 3900 mAh battery, 2.9 ghz octa-core processor, 4-5 GB RAM, and will be supported on the latest Android 5.0 operating system. A fingerprint scanner, auto focus, optical image stabilization, and expandable memory round out the rumored specs for the Galaxy Note 5.

Expect that with each new update for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 colors, release date, and specs you will only see them here first.