Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Preorders Update – Galaxy Note 5.

With the many changes to the concept of the Phablet, the expectations of the Galaxy Note 5 are starting to increase. Still months to go until the opening day release for Note 5, there are many people already asking about preorders. While the official announcement of the release has yet to be announced by Samsung, it is fully expected that this will happen during the third quarter of 2015.

With the expected release of the Note 5 by the end of September to the beginning of October 2015, it can be expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 preorders will start about two weeks before. As is the case with most flagship releases, the official announcement comes about two weeks before the actual release date.

This leaves consumers much time to start preparing for the next installment of the Phablet as the price and huge expectations are expected to drive up the demand. While the price of the Galaxy Note 5 is expected to remain competitive with other flagship releases from Apple, Sony, HTC, and the Galaxy S6, preordering the Note 5 will be the only way to get it on the day of release.

Many Options for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Preorders

Available in two different colors and three different memory options, users will have many choices for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 preorders. The typical white and black are expected to return and enhanced memory including 16, 32, 64 MB, and expandable up to 128 MB will give users many decision when preordering a Galaxy Note 5.

Along with more options comes different pricing points. Users can expect to see a varying degree of prices that will near $1000 for the Note 5. Cell contracts will give users the ability to secure the phone for $299+ and without the use of contracts someone can expect to pay $800 – 1000 depending on the amount of memory wanted.

Preorder Expectations Likely to Cause Manufacturer Delays

We have seen this time and time again with many flagship releases, and the same is certain to happen with the Galaxy Note 5 preorders. The huge expectations are already leading us to believe that there will be long manufacturer delays from Samsung, especially considering how much time is left until the expected release date.

The best way to help guarantee getting the phoneР’В on launch day is to get your preorders for the Galaxy Note 5 in early, and this is where staying connected to Galaxy Note really comes into play. As soon as we get the official word you can expect that we will have all Samsung Galaxy Note 5 preorders here, as we are the most comprehensive site on the upcoming release of the upcoming Phablet 5.