Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Innovative Design.

4K technologies enter our daily lives, but rather to have 4K TV in your home will be something amazing. Everybody Loves pixels and great picture, so this is normal. But what about more – less than one TV phones? They 2K displays entered in 2014, when LG launched the first phone with a similar screen for wide sale. The change might occur – rather, because Samsung has a much bolder plans.

Smartphone new generation is equipped with an innovative AMOLED display, curved on one side. Technological innovation in the Korean giant makes this device easy to use, providing super fast user access to regularly use by him above. Just one touch of the thumb of one hand he can open messages and monitor all important information for him. One of the additional functions for use of this phone is the multifunctional pen (2048 levels of sensitivity), which is very suitable for the creation and processing of texts.

Note Edge chooses people who rely on their smartphone to their employment, and also for fun. Anywhere and at any time, they can rely on trouble-free operating system Android v4.4.4 and quad 2.7GHz processor. This phone has a built-in 32GB, RAM 3GB and micro slot with support for up to 128GB external memory.

Like most models of the Note, and this demonstrates perfect two cameras – 16MP standard with optical stabilization camera and 3.7MP front camera with the possibility of doing a comprehensive Self 120 В°. In addition, this model has many Note Edge sensors that facilitate the user’s life. Active people will be fascinated by SHealth accelerator and measuring the movement of the consumer smartphone by counting steps and also the barometer for air pressure and altitude – very useful when walking on inclines. Vision care special RGB sensor by measuring the intensity of light through it optimizes the bright color display to reduce eyestrain.

This technology goes fast in our monotonous routine and need to open our eyes to the innovations that we offer. Only thus will be more – closer to them, and will be – easy to understand and use find as well.

Whether it will be phone or tablet, or a prototype, we do not know.

Either way Koreans cook something really cool and have patience to understand what will be.

In any case, however, Galaxy Note 5 will become the most advanced smartphone on the company, demonstrating the latest hardware and software developments. We believe that unless the subsequent increase in screen resolution will be added and more processing power, autonomy will not be left without attention, which in recent times stand still.

It is not yet clear who will be the first phone to include the new module, but it certainly seems logical that this is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Samsung Galaxy S6. Both devices are expected to debut next year, and in fierce competition with Apple inclusion of 4GB RAM memory sounds like a serious trump in the hands of the South Korean company.