Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Fingerprint and Eye Scanner.

The latest updates on the Galaxy Note 5 points to two new features that will significantly enhance the phone’s security. Two new sensors are expected in the new phone including a fingerprint scanner and a retina eye scanner. Both sensors would enable the user to better secure the phone and make locking and unlocking the phone owner specific. These two Galaxy Note 5 specs are expected to be enhancements that we are all looking forward to, and two that are long-overdue.

The vulnerability of any smartphone is always in question, especially when taking a closer look into the reliance that all of now have right from the palm of our hands. Now-a-days, it’s become the standard to shop, bank, email, and store all sorts of personal information on our phones, which makes us all vulnerable to outside threats.

Security is a big deal, and with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs this should significantly enhance it. The fingerprint scanner would be conformed out of the box as the initial set-up would make this owner specific. The fingerprint lock and unlock would be easily achieved during the sign-on process, right from the phone’s screen. The eye scanner would add yet another option for added security, and would be accomplished simply by looking into the retina eye sensor from the front of the device.

Fingerprint and Eye Scanner Adding to a Full-Compliment of new Galaxy Note 5 Specs

The fingerprint scanner and retina eye scanner are only some of the many new Galaxy Note 5 specs. Expected to come with a new processor, upgraded camera megapixels to both the front and rear cameras, more memory options, and quite possibly a bendable display.

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