Samsung Galaxy Note 5 an Amazing Creation of Modern Technology.

Galaxy note 4 of Samsung has already created a storm in current mobile market. So, purchasers are expecting something more than that in Galaxy note 5. Working professionals of Samsung has emphasized on the lucrative features so that they can satisfy their customers with amazing features of Galaxy note 5.

Korean manufacturers are the predictable creature regarding the annual product cycle of that company and they indicated about what we are going to expect from Galaxy note 5.

Though many derided when original 5.3-inch note was landed back in the year of 2011, entire smart phones started to grow in their sizes. And after four years, Note-line has already risen from the bit-part player to the smart phone king and held against the flagship devices like LG G3, HTC-One M9 and Galaxy L6.

Rumors revealed that release date of galaxy note may take place around Q3 of 2015. According to early reports, the Galaxy Note 5 release date will take place in Q3 2015.

What will make it different from others?

What makes it different is the lucrative feature like 3840 x 2160-pixel HD, 4k screen. It has adopted 4k Panel and will stand against Nexus 6. Samsung has disclosed that galaxy note 5 will attract attention of the purchasers for its memory components and it will allow phablet in order to tackle multitasking capabilities.

Though Samsung galaxy S6 is going to create a storm in the market on April of 2015, Samsung is also expecting that Samsung galaxy note 5 will reach to the door of success. Samsung galaxy 5 will be a bit different than Samsung galaxy 4.

Before disclosing features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we are going to mention some features of galaxy note 4. It featured 805 recent chipset of new generation and also includes quad core processor which can clock up-to 2.7 GHz frequency.

It also featured 2k resolution screen and 3GB RAM. On the other hand, Samsung galaxy note 5 will feature Qualcomm-82X+ processor, 4GB RAM, Retina Scanner, Touch-ID button, metal-frame design, microSD slot, Stereo speakers, fastest charging-capabilities etc. However, galaxy note 5 will be able to disclose anyone’s personality.