Presales Interest Increasing with the Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Near.

With the interest increasing on the highly anticipated premium release from Samsung, presales interest is suddenly peaking for the Galaxy Note Edge. With the confirmations out for what many people are saying is the best upcoming smartphone, Samsung looks to deliver on some of the biggest innovations that have yet to be featured in any cell phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge looks promising with a unique dual screen display and swipe control technology. With the release date expected in Japan, Europe, and in the US by the end of 2014, people are already asking about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge presales.

When and Where to Find Galaxy Note Edge Presales

As some of the largest cell phone carriers already announcing they will have the launch day Galaxy Note Edge presales which are expected to start sooner rather than later. Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have already announced they will carry the Edge on the first day, and will offer some very good launch day promotions. If the expected release dates go as rumored, presales should start first for the release in Japan very soon and then in Europe and here in the US by mid-November.

With the anticipation of the phone already peaking, consumer interest for presales are expected to be extremely high. Due to this, opening day delays may occur for those looking to purchase the Edge on opening day without taking advantage of carrier presales.

Release Date in Japan, Europe, and US by the end of 2014

When Samsung announced the new Edge concept, a specific release date was not given, however, Samsung did state that it would be by the end of 2014 in all countries. With this, we have been hearing rumors that it will be launched first in both Korea and Japan, and then make its way to Europe and then the United States.

With a price that is expected to be higher than most smartphone releases, the price of the Galaxy Note Edge will probably be over $1000 USD. Promotions and cell phone contracts will offer a huge savings, but consumers can still expect to pay near $300 for a launch day purchase.

We will bring in the very latest info on everything pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge including updates on the release date, presales, specs, rumors, and all review.