New Galaxy Note 5 Rumors on the 5.9″ Super Amoled 4K Screen.

Some new Galaxy Note 5 rumors have surfaced painting a clear picture of an amazing new screen. It has been rumored for some time that the upcoming Note 5 Phablet will feature some amazing new specs, but it has been uncertain of Samsung will stick to the 5.7″ screen of the Note 4 or look to something bigger.

The latest rumors looks as though the Samsung will venture into making the new concept once again bigger and much better. Samsung has already confirmed that upcoming 2015 smartphone releases including the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Edge 2, and the Galaxy S6 will feature an Ultra HD 4K Super Amoled screen display.

The increased size will give the Galaxy Note 5 a pixel density of 746ppi. This is over double the pixel density of most smartphone flagships including the 336 ppi of the iPhone 6. The ultra HD display will have a screen resolution of 2160 x 3840 which will be attributed to the 4K display.

Aside from the good, the new Galaxy Note 5 screen display will have a negative effect on battery performance. The 4K Super Amoled display will consume much more battery power than a standard smartphone display, and many apps will have to be updated to accommodate the new display specs.

Other Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors point to a much larger battery. We are fully expecting the battery of the Note 5 to be 3900 mAh and wireless charging. The 3900 mAh battery will extend the daily battery life more than 6 hours when looking at the current Note 4 battery. Wireless charging technology has been rumored for quite some time, and may finally make into the new concept of the Phablet.