High resolution photographs of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 bares it all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is set to launch this August. Predecessors of this flagship phablet have already won over its users in the past and thus, there are very high expectations riding on this high-end device. Speculations about this handset have been doing rounds since early 2015.

The speculations have increased following several leaked but blurry images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. A lot of people have tried to guess its features from the leaked images. However, as the images were blurry, no one could say anything for certain.

Fortunately, there is a pleasant surprise for those people in the form of high resolution detailed photographs of the device. These images find their source in China.

They cover the Galaxy Note 5 from all angles and hence tell us everything about the device look-wise. The photos reassure the speculations about the device. Hence, there shouldn’t be any surprises during its launch in August.

Look wise the Galaxy Note 5 is nothing but a bigger version of its predecessor with a larger home button and a toughened metal frame modelled on the Galaxy S6.

The home button should house the touch type fingerprint scanner as seen in the Galaxy S6. The stylus or S-pen is present at the side as expected. Any rumours about an auto-eject stylus can be put to rest as the high resolution images confirm a groove at the end of the stylus for manual take-out.

This could be a disappointment for some who have been expecting this feature as an upgrade to the Galaxy Note series. However the smartphone giants, it seems, have decided to go with the tried-and-tested formula.

The images also confirm a few other things that were somewhat visible in the other photographs. The Note 5 can be expected to house a micro-USB port, a speaker and a headset jack. However, these detailed images give us a closer look of the dual-curved glass back.

These leaked images have covered the entire device and there is nothing left that we haven’t seen about this device externally. It’s safe to say that there won’t be any frowns on August 12th when this handset gets launched. A formal announcement shall be made on August 12th and the handset is expected to release on August 21, even though Samsung has not yet confirmed the launch date.