Get the Best Games for Smartphone’s And Start Enjoying the Fun.

If you have never used a Smartphone, then you have missed out on some very entertaining games. Currently there is an array of the best games for Smartphone’s and tablets. Here are some that will make you thrilled throughout the day.

angry birds star wars

As a follow-up to Angry Birds Star Wars, this one comes with improved ideas, various levels and characters forcing you to develop new strategies in the game. Above all, this new game comes with collectible toys so you do not have to spend money on the small plastic toys in order to enjoy playing this rather sharp continuation.

knightmare tower

If you have ever played Doodle Jump, then Knightmare Tower won’t be much of a problem to you. It involves jumping just to make sure you remain at the top. At times, you can make use of your table; thus, moving to the right by rocking right and vice versa. All this is in a bid to get higher on to a tower. You keep trying to remain atop your enemies who are flying below. The better your attacking move the much higher you fly. Although it is exciting to be at the top, ypou are bound to fail in the end.

Warning: The game is very tough so stop playing!

drop 7

This yet another thrilling puzzle games you can ever play on your Smartphone. In this one, you will need to ensure that all the falling numbers are hidden once they land on the 7 x 7 grid by simply making numbers of the vertical or horizontal axis match them. It may sound hard but once you have mastered the rules, you will never get out of it as it is highly an addictive game. So if you are that type spends more time doing nothing then this just the right one for you.


Referred to as “meditative space strategy” by its developers in Sweden, this is a very simple but exciting game. It involves placing different-coloured odd-shaped floors on a plane in the outer space. Give command to the small rectangular-shaped men to work in the spaces to create resources to establish additional space to provide food to more farm workers. Assemble these little men to provide protection to the base against invasion from the aliens every time and again. Make sure you survive the attack and repeat the procedure. If you want a more portable instantaneous strategy game, this is just your best pick.