Germany Galaxy Note Edge Release €899 and with Many Freebies.

As a token of gratitude, Samsung intends on giving away many freebies to Germany customers who purchase the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge. Germany is the first country where customers literally made the decision to see the debut of the Note Edge.

The official announcement by Samsung back in September had opened up the limited Galaxy Note Edge release in a limited market. Germany was on the bubble from the outset, but after a country wide vote by numerous customers who wanted to see the premium Samsung smartphone made it all a reality. The overwhelming vote by German customers showed Samsung enough support to garner a Germany Galaxy Note Edge release.

German customers will see a brand new Galaxy Note Edge bundle that will feature free accessories, a three year extended warranty, flip wallet, screen display cleaner, and a 64 GB Samsung Evo micro SD card. The bundle will be available only in Germany as of now, and will be first seen upon the German Galaxy Note Edge release date.

The price of €899 ($1100 USD) will comparable to the release in many other markets such as the US, and is much cheaper than initially rumored. Stay tuned for more information on the Galaxy Note Edge release date in other countries worldwide, and the latest rumors and confirmations on the new premium Samsung smartphone.