Galaxy Note Edge UK Preorders Start and Confirmed Release Date Info.

Presales have already stated in the UK for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the release date in the United Kingdom has finally been confirmed. We have been hearing for weeks that the Galaxy Note Edge UK release date would be by the end of, but until the recent confirmation of the November 28th release date we have been speculating at best.

If the current Galaxy Note Edge UK preorders is any indication of how strong the release date will be, we are expecting quite an impressive opening day in the United Kingdom. Based on the huge success of the Note Edge in other countries such as the US, Korea, and China, we are expecting to see huge sales for what was initially thought of as a limited market smartphone release.

We have been patiently awaiting information on the Galaxy Note Edge UK price as there have been no confirmations at this time. Based on the Note Edge US price and the price in other countries, we are expecting that the UK price would be in the area of £640, or nearly $1025 USD.

When more information comes available on the expected Galaxy Note Edge UK release date and confirmations on the price, be sure to reach out to us on Facebook to receive immediate FB in-box notifications.