Galaxy Note 5 Specs Much Improved.

There is no denying that we are all expecting some huge enhancements to the next release in the Galaxy Note series from Samsung as the Galaxy Note 5 specs are already looking quite impressive. With each and every release, Samsung continues to impress us with a much refined release of the predecessor within the same smartphone line. The expectations of what the newest Note will bring us with the 2015 release are already quite large, but if anyone can live up to those expectations it is surely one of the industry leaders.

Consumers have come to expect something new, but more importantly something amazing, and based on what we are hearing out of Korea these improvements will give us all what we are looking for. The many improvements that are already beginning to take shape is a much improved camera, faster processor, enhanced S Pen functionality, numerous sensors to make the newest Phablet, and so much more. Below, we have broken down the many rumors that are likely scenarios when looking at the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 specs.

Galaxy Note 5 Processor

The Galaxy Note 5 processor is expected to be much faster, more efficient, and be much less of a drain on the battery. As it stands now, it would be likely that the Note 5 will come with a Snapdragon Qualcom processor or Octa core processor that will boast 2.9 ghz. Both will be much improved over the Galaxy Note 4 as the speed and overall efficiency will rival that of any smartphone.

Galaxy Note 5 Camera

While still one of the most popular rumors, the Galaxy Note 5 camera is expected to come with two cameras; a primary and secondary camera. Both are expected to have huge improvements with megapixels as the primary camera is expected to either come with 18 MP or a 21 MP variant, and the secondary camera of the Note 5 is expected to come with 5 MP. The high quality LED, digital zoom, auto focus, panorama, CMOS image sensor, geo tagging, and more are expected to make the Galaxy Note 5 primary camera one of the best in any smartphone.

Galaxy Note 5 Fingerprint Scanner and Eye Scanner

These have been expected for quite some time, and what better time to bring out both the fingerprint scanner and the eye scanner then in the Galaxy Note 5. As Samsung continues to beef up the newest Phablet as Apple has released their much larger variant in the iPhone plus series, these security measures will be a great enhancement.

Both the fingerprint scanner and eye scanner will significantly improve the security of the Note 5. Both, one, or none of the above can easily be selected by the owner to be used in order to unlock the phone. Enhancing the overall security that has been lacking in previous Note smartphones will decrease the likliehood of smartphone theft, and make the phone itself more customizable.

Galaxy Note 5 5G Capable

It has been confirmed that 5G development is already underway, but it is highly unlikely that we will see the Note 5 as 5G capable. The wishlist for all of us would love to see the Galaxy Note 5 to be able to send and receive data over 5G, but the realistic approach that the technology will not be in place for the 2015 release.

Galaxy Note 5 Features

There are numerous sensors that will make the Samsung Galax Note 5 more functional and better integrate with the newest Galaxy Gear. Some of the other sensors that will make the newest Phablet more responsive and efficient are baramoter, thermometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity, compass, gesture, and more.

Many of the new features will extend on some of the features that we have already been using such as the S Pen, and with a new S Pen technology integrated with the Note 5 this will be a perfect mix. Some of the other features that we are hopeful of seeing is wireless charging technology, 5.9 – 6″ Super Amoled display with 4K, a 3900 mAh battery that will extend the daily life, and so much more.

Wrapping up the Galaxy Note 5 Specs

With all the enhancements that are expected with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs, some would expect a lofty price tag. Expecting to retail between $800-1000, and taking into consideration of all the standard features this will be one of the best-selling smarthpones on the market. Set to release by the end of September 2015 to the first week in October, we will have to wait and see if the above holds true. As more information comes available with the Galaxy Note 5 specs you will always expect to see them here first.