Flexible Display Yet Another Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumor.

Some of the most elaborate rumors points to Samsung looking at an entirely new concept with the upcoming new Phablet as a entirely new display may be in the future. As innovational technology continues to transform modern smartphones, we are looking at the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be introduced with unique type of screen. While other phones have introduced the flexible display, the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumor points to a flexible display.

An entirely new concept is quite intriguing, especially when looking at the success that Samsung has had with the much larger smartphone. As other industry leaders try and capitalize on the success on the Note series, it may not be such a good idea to transform their concept just yet. With Apple being the latest to jump into the Phablet technology with the latest release of the iPhone Plus, it would seem as though the Samsung Galaxy Note series is still a modern day success.

Benefits to a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flexible Display

A Samsung Galaxy Note 5 flexible display would have many benefits for those who are not only looking for something new, but are looking for a way to further integrate the much larger screen. With curved viewing angles and the ability to morph the screen into different directions would have a significant impact on both business and personal use.

One of the big reasons why this may seem like a logical Galaxy Note 5 rumor is that it continues to keep Samsung at the forefront of Phablet technology. With such current and future releases such as the iPhone Plus, staying ahead of the completion would help Samsung maintain their competitive advantage with a new and improved Phablet. Side by side, the latest Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus have many similarities, but a Galaxy Note 5 flexible display would help keep the Note series quite unique. You can see all the similarities and differences in the latest Galaxy Note 5 review.

Flexible Display Note 5 Would Significantly Help with Durability

Some would argue that smartphones have become overly fragile, and as manufactures look to make smartphones sexier and more appealing, the durability of some is in question. A flexible display Galaxy Note 5 would significantly increase the durability of the phone itself. This alone would appeal to many consumers and may even help Samsung increase their consumer base by creating yet another unique feature.

Only time will tell if the latest Galaxy Note 5 rumor holds true, but as more comes available on the possibility of a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 flexible display you will expect to hear it here first.