The wait is finally over as the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system that we have been hearing about for months now is finally here.

The screen display of any smartphone has become one of the most important specs, and when looking at the newly released Samsung Galaxy Note 4 it looks quite impressive.

The latest updates on the Galaxy Note 5 points to two new features that will significantly enhance the phone’s security. Two new sensors are expected in the new phone including a fingerprint scanner and a retina eye scanner.

4K technologies enter our daily lives, but rather to have 4K TV in your home will be something amazing. Everybody Loves pixels and great picture, so this is normal.

Some new Galaxy Note 5 rumors have surfaced painting a clear picture of an amazing new screen. It has been rumored for some time that the upcoming Note 5 Phablet will feature some amazing new specs, but it has been uncertain of Samsung will stick to the 5.7″ screen of the Note 4 or look to something bigger.

With the many changes to the concept of the Phablet, the expectations of the Galaxy Note 5 are starting to increase. Still months to go until the opening day release for Note 5, there are many people already asking about preorders.

As we get closer to what will presumably be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 we’re expecting to hear many more rumors on things to come.

CES brought us the first smartphone that will feature the long-rumored octa-core processor, as the latest rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs suggest the same.