With weeks to go until we see the Note 4, there is many Galaxy Note 5 rumors that are already depicting a far more superior smartphone that will be bigger and better than the most recent release.

The time is now to get your hands on either a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone 6 as Sprint is having the best holiday discounts in 2014.

Samsung looks to further impress us with some of the most innovative features in any smartphone as the specs for the upcoming Galaxy Note and Galaxy Edge are already looking impressive.

Samsung’s flagship phablet series returns with a bang. The Galaxy Note 5 is indeed a huge phablet with grand size and grand features.

Samsung is one of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers and it has taken the mobile market around the world by storm. It has successfully toppled Nokia as the leading mobile brand in this mobile market with purely accurate market research and smart marketing.

We have been reporting for months that the screen display of the Galaxy Note 5 will either sport a 2K or an amazing 4K screen display.

With the Galaxy Note 4 still going strong and it should continue to sell well leading up to the upcoming, new Galaxy Note 5. The Phablet has been the top-selling smartphone in its class, and it’s intriguing when we reflect and remember what consumers and analysts were saying before the release of the original Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Mobile World Congress event has given us much information on many of the top mobile releases from Samsung, Apple, HTC, and LG for many years now, and the 2015 event looks to be another strong showing.