Galaxy Note Edge

All Samsung Note phablets have plastic cases. This has led to criticism from smart phone users due to the fact that they easily crack when the handsets fall.Р’В  Cases are meant to offer protection to your handsets.Р’В  Smart phone users tend to get attached to their handsets this would not want have their phones destroyed.

As a token of gratitude, Samsung intends on giving away many freebies to Germany customers who purchase the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge.

The huge success of the Galaxy Note Edge has sparked rumors for a future release in 2015. This is quite amazing when considering that the new premium Samsung smartphone was intended to only be a limited market launch, and many analysts were unsure if it would go beyond the first edition.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has been having a huge success in other countries such as China, Germany, Japan, and Korea, it has had a huge effect on the overall release date in other countries.

While the official announcement has already been made concerning the upcoming Samsung premium smartphone as the Galaxy Note Edge looks to be one of the best.

We knew the time was coming that we would finally see the Verizon Galaxy Note Edge release, and as that time has finally come it showed us the biggest surprise yet.

While the other big three US cellular carriers having already released the Galaxy Note Edge, there are huge questions concerning the Verizon release date.

2014 has already been a huge year with Samsung smartphone sales as the recent months have brought forth two amazing new phones. Both the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 have been officially released with the Note Edge being announced only in limited markets.