A Push to Eject S Pen Stylus, Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are some of the best android devices available in the world. They are mainly known for the quality of the features they provide in their Devices.

To enjoy big smartphones with ease, you really need to have a stylus. A stylus is an S pen to touch your smartphones’ screen without doing any harm and enhance your experience.

Rumor has it that Samsung Note 5 might come with an S pen stylus. What makes this more interesting is that the stylus is fully automatic.

Samsung is going to reveal the Galaxy Note 5 on August 13, according to sources. The Galaxy Note 5 would be Samsung’s newest phone in the Galaxy Note line. Samsung’s Note phones usually come with a much larger screen than that of the phones in its flagship Galaxy S line and will also include a stylus.

galaxy note 5 pen

The design is a bit square as well. According to the rumor, this handset is going to have an auto-ejecting S pen stylus. There would be no way to pull that pen out unless you push it in, and then it pops up automatically.

The auto-ejecting S pen proves that Samsung’s auto-eject stylus patent was a serious call and we applaud Samsung for that. Thousands of patents are filed each year, and millions more are filed and never implemented.

Hopefully, Samsung’s auto-eject stylus puts an end to the “patents are filed but never implemented” claim that is often made whenever a new USPTO patent surfaces. An account has also shown off the new and improved S Pen, and we get to see how Samsung implemented the auto-eject function.

So, the upcoming smartphone of Samsung is loaded with new features which we surely have not found anywhere else.

This stylus is another attribute that make it cooler and more desirable. The very top of the S Pen shows a little “push” tip, which could very well indicate that Samsung intends to allow users to “push to eject” the S Pen instead of requiring them to use a fingernail to slightly nudge the stylus out of place and then pull it from the stylus slot.

Keep in mind that these are renders and designs based on the leaked specifications. We expect that the users of Samsung are going to be satisfied as they have concentrated to make their upcoming devices more user-friendly. Time will let us know the truth behind the rumor.